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Camp Host Tips

As you look through a campground guide like ours and others, you may find areas that you'd like to stay longer or even for a whole season. Being a camp host can be a great way to save a little money in your travels. Perhaps you can even get a job that pays money and not just a free camp site.

Use caution finding your position

Be careful of scams as you seek to be a camp host. There are magazine ads out there that are just ripping people off. You shouldn't have to pay any crazy fees or give out confidential personal information to anyone. Some of these companies are just getting your personal information and you never hear from them again. Report them to the publication or website that is showing the ad.

Are you a people person?

You have to be a people person. A hermit is not a good personality style to be a camp host. I've stayed for days at campgrounds and never saw the camp host. They may have been there the whole time and available if a problem arose but it's nice to see the host out and about a little bit. Doing something, walking around, trying to be friendly makes for a better experience for visitors.

Set a good example

Have you ever been to a campground where the host is the messiest camp site? We see it quite a bit. Part of this is that they probably have more stuff. They may be full-timers or may live there for months at a time. But still, it's good for camp hosts to follow the same rules that are enforced on others as well.

Have a good even temperament

This helps a great deal because you will meet some jerks in addition to all the great friends you will make. You are representing the owners of the campground. This may be the government, the state or a private company.

Never assume you are the law. This is probably the aspect that leaves potential camp hosts with the most concern. We've all seen the occasional idiots in campgrounds . They get drunk, they are noisy, they misbehave. We've also seen them mostly ignored by the hosts at campgrounds. No one really wants trouble and hopes people will just behave themselves. When problems evolve into a possible confrontation, it's time to leave it to the local law.

Have a good sense of humor

You will witness some crazy things as a camp host, along with meeting some real characters.

Know or learn the area the best you can

Campers will be asking you questions. You should know about the nearest grocery stores, medical care, shopping, restaurants, amenities, hiking, etc. Be accurate if you do give out any information. You don't want to steer anyone into trouble or the wrong thing.

Know your tasks and situation ahead of time

Duties vary greatly from location to location. Some can easily be a full time job and others can be a relatively peaceful camping experience interrupted by the occasional person.

Do you have to clean the toilets and how often?

What level of physicality is required?

What is the weather usually like during your position?

Are you working just for your site? What happens if the workload is higher or extra work is required. What is the pay? What happens if it goes into overtime hours? If you do get paid, what form and how can you get it to your bank?

Do you get full hookups? What kind? What is the host site like for positioning, sun and shade? If you use solar, this is important.

Are pets allowed? You shouldn't have a pet in a campground that doesn't allow it. And you don't want to be the noisiest person there either.

Check out Workamper for some possibilities. Unfortunately you do have to pay whichever side you are on, the worker or the employer. We'd love to have free listings for work camping jobs but haven't started yet.

Adam | Jan 19, 2009 | Category: RV Tips

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