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Do You Believe In Magic?

Walt Disney World is the dream vacation of almost every child. I know personally several of my most cherished childhood memories involve Disney in some way, shape, or form. Meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time and chewing on Pluto's tongue (it's a long story) are just a few of the Disney experiences I wouldn't trade for the world. But you know what? Disney World isn't just for the kids. There are great ways to turn your vacation into a magical, adults only experience. I know, I know, when most people think of Disney all they see is the mouse. And sure, Mickey is going to be everywhere, adults only or not. But that's not a bad thing is it? He's a happy mouse, and he's not likely to leave you chocolate sprinkle surprises in your shoes when you aren't looking.

photo by Timothy Mueller

photo by Timothy Mueller

Disney World has a series of wonderful resorts and spas, great shopping, food, and experiences geared towards the grown-up crowd. You just have to know where to look. And my dears, I'm here to help. Did you know that Disney World alone has 16 resort hotels, half of which are gorgeous deluxe hotels that each offer a different unique experience. You want an exotic vacation? Check! Disney's Polynesian Resort offers a tropical and relaxing destination with waterfalls, beautiful greenery, and exotic birds. They even have a luau dinner show with dancing and music from Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand and Hawaii. Not looking to transport yourself to a tropical paradise? Looking more for a place to unwind with beaches, massages, and a Victorian elegance hard to find in your bustling day to day life? Yeah… they've got that too. The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa has a full service spa where you can get everything from a manicure to full service nutrition and fitness counseling. Sounds good right? I think so too! There is shopping, a pianist in the lobby, a gorgeous private beach where you can go to take a mid-afternoon nap. They'll even shine your shoes for you if you ask. Disney hotels offer a variety of experiences. And if the deluxe resorts are a bit out of your budget, they have moderate and value resorts to choose from too. The value resorts however don't offer the same amount of adult attraction as the other resorts do. Giant bowling pins and guitar shaped pools are great for the kids, but not always as appealing to adults as a lakeside boardwalk inn might be (yup, they have that too!). Visiting Disney without the kids is a completely different and equally wonderful experience. My last word of advice though is this… If you do decide to take an adult oriented Disney vacation it may be wise not to mention it to your kids because if you do, the begging to bring them with you is soon to follow. Have any of you taken a Disney vacation that was just adults? How did it go? Any good tips for having a magical and grown-up time?

Jessica | Mar 3, 2009 | Category: Best Of

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