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Forest Camping Tips


Pack a first-aid kit. Your kit can prove to be priceless if a member of your group or you suffers a wound, bee sting or allergic reaction. Pack antiseptics for scrapes and bring tweezers, insect-repellent, bug spray, a snake bite package, pain killer, and suntan lotion.

Besides a first aid package, this includes: personal shelter, a map, compass, torch, knife, waterproof fire starter, whistle, warm clothes, high energy food, water, and insect protection.

Before you depart, check the weather report. Carry a compact weather radio. Stay dry - damp garments contribute to heat reduction. Also, keep important equipment and sleeping bags, dry all the time.

Dispose of trash properly and practice good hygiene. Remember to wash your hands, especially after using the bathroom and before handling food, to stop everyone else in your group becoming ill.

Avoid areas of natural hazards. Check the contour of the land and look for potential trouble as a result of rain. Places that become incredibly muddy or could flood can be a big problem.

Arrive early. Plan your trip in order to arrive at your actual campsite with enough sunlight to check around the site and safely set up camp.

Pitch your tent in a place that is safe. Ensure that your tent set up far enough away from the campfire, and consists of a flame retardant fabric.

Keep insects away from your tent by closing the openings swiftly when entering or leaving.

Be careful when utilizing a propane stove. Browse the instructions that cover the range and propane cylinder. Never leave it unattended while it's burning.

Build fires in a proper place. Your open fires and fuel-burning appliances should be far enough away from your tent to stop ignition from flames, sparks, and heat. Never use a fire or some other heating device in the tent. Utilize a flashlight or battery-powered light as an alternative.

Beware of toxic crops. Familiarize yourself with any dangerous plants that are typical to the area.

Make certain that your fires are always attended. Be sure you've got a place to have a fire that cannot spread laterally or vertically - a grill or stone surface is perfect. When putting out the fire, drown it with water, making certain all embers, coals and sticks are wet. Embers buried deep within the heap have an inclination to reignite.

Look out for bugs. Bees, Hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets really are a problem at many campsites. Avoid attracting stinging insects by wearing light-colored clothing and avoiding perfumes or colognes. Should an insect come after you, try to stay calm and not wave wildly and swat at them. Use a gentle pushing or sweeping motion to deter them.

Inspect the site. Look for a level site with enough space to spread all of your equipment out. Also, a site that has trees or shrubs in the side of prevailing winds will help block strong, unexpected gusts.

Assess for potential dangers. Be sure to check the site thoroughly for glass, sharp objects, branches, large ant beds, poison ivy, bees, and dangerous terrain.

Make use of a torch - many animals feed at night and the use of a flashlight may warn them away.

Beware when encountering wildlife.


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