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Love and the City: A Guide to Romance in the Big Apple

Forget Paris! When it comes to romance, what better place is there to spend an enchanting evening with your lover? Okay, I said forget Paris. Think of all of the romance movies set against a New York backdrop. Rendez-vous at the Empire State building, or the Brooklyn Bridge, or at Tiffany's (if you're lucky).


New York City Skyline - Photo by Tony the Misfit (Flickr)

There are so many wonderful places to explore in New York City, aside from the tourist-saturated attractions. The Statue of Liberty is so yesterday, even though the Empire State Building is timeless, there is the hassle of rickety elevators. There's a reason why the slogan goes “I heart New York.” Once you get past the rude taxi cab drivers and the expensive prices, it's all about love.

I personally don't spend that much money when I go to the City. I'm one of those people who only spend $25 in Tiffany's. It's possible, people! Now, more than ever, you can get great deals without busting your budget, while staying romantic.

Here are my best tips on loving in New York. Where to Stay

What can be better than staying at The Plaza Hotel while in New York? It's one of those hotels mentioned in the movies. Following a $400 million dollar renovation, it's absolutely gorgeous! And expensive. Now I know I promised budget, but you can't skim on where you're sleeping, because part of the luxury of love is spending time with your love in an appeasing atmosphere. It doesn't get much more appeasing than this. Rates start at $595 and include butler service. Score!

Where to Stroll

Beautiful Central Park - Photo by echiner1 (Flickr)

Beautiful Central Park - Photo by echiner1 (Flickr)

Central Park is the best place in New York for long, rambling walks. And, if you get tired of walking, go to the The Central Park Boathouse to rent a row boat for $10 per hour. What a lovely way to experience Manhattan. And inexpensive too!

Where to Snack

Chinatown - Photo by jorbasa (Flickr)

Chinatown - Photo by jorbasa (Flickr)

You've heard the phrase eat like a king for breakfast, and like a pauper for dinner. Well, I'm taking that to the next level. As you already know, it's cheaper to eat at restaurants for breakfast or bunch, or even lunch, but dinner is always inflated. So, flip the switch. Eat brunch on the cheap, at a romantic restaurant like One if by Land . It's only $20 per person for Sunday brunch. And for dinner, travel into China Town, and explore the local ambiance. You can find some really great dinner deals there, and it's just a fun atmosphere to be in.

What do you think is the most romantic way to spend the day (and night) in New York City? Leave me a comment to let me know!

Jessica | Jan 20, 2009 | Category: General

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