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Have Hobby Will Travel

Almost Everyone has a hobby. Some people are photographers, some collect stamps, my dad races RC cars, and some, like my brother, do the video game thing. He just recently attended the New York Comic Con in NYC and after literally months of watching him plan and seeing how excited he was getting I started thinking Why don't more people go on hobby related vacations? I'd never really thought about it before but really what could be better than a vacation focused entirely around something you're passionate about? Especially when the planning for something like that is half the fun.

photo by Alex Erde

photo by Alex Erde

After watching my brother as he made his reservations and as he worked tirelessly on his costumes. Dressing up as Scout from Team Fortress 2 seems really strange to some but I promise you that he is a completely normal 19 year old most days but after watching how tirelessly and enthusiastically he planned it made me wish I was going with him. I'm not a gamer though so instead I've decided to find a vacation I can take doing something I love. Anyone up for a flower pressing convention? No? You guys don't know what you're missing.

Fun trivia time! – Did you know that NASCAR great Tony Stewart races RC Cars? Yup, it's true! He actually hosts a national RC event each year. This past December the event was held in Cherryville, NC and my dad made a week long trip out of it, dragging my youngest brother along for the ride. They had a blast!

Here are some tips for planning the perfect hobby-centric vacation:

1. Research your hobby online. In today's world there are forums for almost everything and chances are that would be the ideal place to find information on any events being held surrounding your hobby.

2. Get away! Some events may be so close to home you don't have to do much to prepare. My advice? Find one away from home, even if it's only a few cities away. It is a vacation after all and vacations mean escaping your every day life for awhile.

3. Book your hotel RIGHT AWAY! You want to make sure you're staying near the event site. Having to constantly travel back and forth from your hotel to the event is definitely not my idea of a good time and I doubt you'd have much fun doing something that can become very tedious very quickly. If your hotel is going to be near the location I guarantee it will fill up fast. The rest of the planning can wait until after you know where you'll be staying and the reservations have been made.

4. Find what's around. You can be in the middle of cow town U.S.A. and still have a rip-roarin' good time. Immerse yourself in your surroundings. If you're in the country for example, find a place to go horseback riding. Just don't forget your cowboy hat! Your every second won't be spent on your hobby and you don't want to get bored.

5. Get others involved. If you have friends or family members who have hobbies like yours see if they want to go too and let them in on the planning. After all they may have some activities in mind you never would have thought of.

6. Make a packing list. You don't want to arrive at the event and realize you forgot your flower pressing kit. Hey stop making that face! Flower pressing is a lot cooler than it sounds.

So how about you? What are your hobbies and do you think you'll ever make a vacation of them?

Jessica | Jan 29, 2009 | Category: Getaways

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