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Hyatt Outsources Housekeeping

What is more bold than firing your entire housekeeping staff at your expensive hotels? Misleading long time employees and having them train their replacements first as “vacation fill in” workers. That is what was reported in the Boston media this September.

Hyatt Hotels Corp. laid off the entire housekeeping staffs at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Hyatt Regency Boston, and Hyatt Harborside Hotel on August 31 after shift completion. They cited the “challenging economic conditions” as why they cut long term employees and replaced them with workers from an outside staffing firm. The replacement workers are paid about half as much as the dismissed workers. The outsource firm is from Georgia so this hurts the local economy even further as it sends money away instead of keeping it there. They save some of their own money, send money to Georgia and then they probably won't have a problem complaining to the city of Boston about a pothole or such. This happens in all industries but other hotel brands, including Hilton and Marriott, said they have not outsourced their housekeepers and have no plans to do so at this time. For now, we have a choice on which business practices we should support.

Housekeeping is critical to a hotel. Especially higher end brands that cater to business and luxury minded customers. A recent stay of mine at a Del Mar California hotel was impacted by housekeeping and their disregard for personal property and signage. Why does a company facing less revenue decide that cutting service and responsibility is a way to counter the problem? If you have a problem, you should be able to go to the front desk and have it dealt with promptly and responsibly. With outsourcing, who is responsible if something happens to your business laptop? A third party from another state is involved who may not know who exactly cleaned room 202. The staffing company's brand is not on the line with the public. Hyatt's brand is on the line. The hotel brand owns the public face of staff that it may not be able to control or know enough about. They may not know the names or the background checks of the people they are entrusting keys to every room of their customers. I expect that from a $49 motel on Daytona Beach, not $300 a night Hyatt Hotels.

When I trust myself and business property to a hotel, I want responsibility. I want to feel like the staff is compensated to live more than one rung away from living on the street. $8 an hour in a costly city like Boston with no benefits is not to the standard that I think of when I'm paying Hyatt $300 a night. How about you? Should we outsource our business to another brand that appreciates it's employees and believes in shared sacrifice?

This of course, all ties into many other things going on in the economy. Hyatt is no longer responsible for benefits such as health care either since these are now employees of someone else. 100 people lose income and all forms of benefits and insurance. The replacement workers will have no benefits, no health care, no insurance or retirement. This continuing cycle of the upper crust ripping off and pushing down the middle and lower class has an end game. It's when people can no longer afford any of the crap that the uppers are selling for their crazy profits. The shell game in which everyone moves money around and the corporations keep skimming it off the top eventually crumbles when the shell has nothing left but empty space under it. Eventually a company will have no customers left and no one will be able to afford to buy into their stock market cons any longer. I just hope people wake up before it's too late.

Adam | Sep 25, 2009 | Category: Money Savings

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