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Splendor in Versailles

Versailles, a ritzy Parisian suburb, is the location of what was once the capital of France, even if not officially. You may have heard of this city, as it is world famous for the magnificent Chateau de Versailles, which has its beginnings in the hunting lodge built by Louis XIII in 1624. Louis XIV continued the work, employing Louis Le Vau, Andre Le Notre, and Charles Le Brun, an architect, landscaper, and a painter/ designer respectively, to expand and remodel the palace. Court was established there on May 6, 1682. From then on, Versailles was legendary.

Tours of various parts of the palace are available. Places which are available for visit include the King's state apartments, the Queen's state apartments, the King's chamber, and the jewel of the castle, the Hall of Mirrors. In addition to these fine quarters, one can also visit the Queen's Hamlet, which is a small country hamlet replica built for the queen; this is where Marie Antoinette could pretend she was a country maid. See the Grande Ecourie, which is the collection of Versailles stables; it once held more than 600 horses. Costumed horse demonstrations can also be witnessed here.

That is not all; other great places to tour include the Dauphin's apartments, Le Petite Trianon, and the Grand Trianon. The palace is full of opulence and you will never see anything like it anywhere in the world. Shows, musicals, extravagant courtyards, courtly ceremonies, galleries, and a museum can all be found on the site.

Jessica | Jun 19, 2009 | Category: General

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