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Summer Camping Food

I love camping in the winter and off seasons but most people get out in the summer season. Whether it's because of school or holidays or the weather, it just seems to be that way.

Although it's much easier to prepare for the summer rather than the dead of winter, there are still some things to consider in preparing your food.

The first and most important thing is a given but I still have to say it. Bring plenty of water. If you can't carry enough water for your whole trip, you need to know where there is safe clean water in the area. And even then, don't rely on a map or book that tells you about one spring in the middle of nowhere. There is a good chance that it's not there any longer or dried up when you need it. You don't want to spend energy looking for water in the summer.

Lighter food sounds better in the summer. And they are easy to prepare and carry. Things like fruits, crackers, cereal bars, and nuts. Fruits bruise easily so finding dried fruits is usually a better choice. Bananas are great for their potassium and energy boost. But remember that foods that can melt or stick together are not good in the summer. If your granola bars have chocolate mixed in them, it'll be a mess. If do need to take them (and I love things with chocolate so I usually try it anyway) you should store them out of the sun and way from your body heat. This usually means in the middle of a pack. They'll get squished but not melt as fast. If you do have any ice or cool pack, put them by this.


A hot dog or some kind of meat may sound great over the campfire at night but be careful. You have to keep the food cold and not let it spoil. If you do bring this kind of food, plan on eating it at your first meal. The same goes for salads with mayonnaise (like potato salad), eggs or anything that can spoil easily and make you sick. I try to avoid any food that could turn on you as you just don't want to have diarrhea or stomach aches out in the wilderness. Another point on meats is that you may not want to attract any more meat eating predators than is necessary. They may or may not like some of your processed snacks but they would love a burger!

don't bring too many hot dogs

don't bring too many hot dogs

This is a tough one for me but avoid caffeine. Caffeinated drinks only make you urinate more and they don't really quench a thirst anyway. Okay, nothing is better than a good cup of coffee at the campsite in the morning. I just wouldn't drink it all day.

What are your favorites at a summer campsite?

Adam | May 2, 2009 | Category: Camping

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