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The Freedom To Fly Is So Yesterday

A certain big airlines slogan has become ironic. American citizens no longer have the freedom to fly anywhere without first going through a choice of some invasive, traumatic, or negative health procedures.

Random travelers now have a choice of getting xray images taken of them without their clothes on or being intimately felt up for several minutes by a stranger. The back of the hand for a few seconds is gone. That is now a fable for the grand kids. It is now front-of-hand for minutes. Neither option effectively detects what they are looking for and cargo still isn't screened but it makes for great profits and population scare tactics. The companies with government connections get overpaid for equipment. Citizens get reminded every time they fly that they must do as they are told in the name of security.

Never mind that dogs are far more effective at finding explosives. The corporate profits, the lobbying kickbacks and the power quotient just isn't as high with canines.


Take a drug. A big pharmaceutical company is working on the antidote. “Feeling violated? Ask about Securilex and you won't care about what just happened to you. Start your vacation from reality before you get to the airport.”

A rush of perverted feelings

I can see the job applications starting now. Every closet child molester and pervert is going to line up for these jobs. They get to choose who they get to feel up for several minutes. Kids, women, men, anyone they have a fetish for at the moment. Eight year old boys? Got them. Small children with medical conditions? Pay extra attention to those. Strip search them. Airport travelers are going to get much uglier. Literally.

You too can get paid to do things to people that are illegal anywhere else. What's wrong with cameras in dressing rooms? Or under bathroom stalls? Or up in the landlords attic? Don't those places need to be secure too? Maybe everyone should get felt up as they leave the local Gap store.

Wait you say. Didn't they already make a change for 12 and under? Yes, they did. It's okay to feel your 13 year old daughters breast and genitals but not the undeveloped ones. And how exactly does one determine the age of a child when drivers licenses are still years away? Is anyone at a airport really going to listen to you when you say the age of your child? Birth certificates? Add another way to make identity theft easier as those get stolen and lost at airports. For the time being, a lot of teenagers are suddenly going to be under 12 for the sake of travel….At least until the next level of personal ID comes along for all of us to solve this new problem.

Skewed and false sense of security

At this point in time, prevention is up to passengers who are in the air. If there is a will, there is a way. Why wouldn't a bad guy just get a job in security or the travel industry ahead of time? Are we sure that every single scrap of food and merchandise is secure in the shops on the other side of security? Not much can stop a sleeper yet we ignore that it can be done. Instead we have companies that profit from instilling fear to every day functions to drive another darker purpose under the surface. The same people who want to deny most people of health care are not really concerned about others security and well-being.

People still have pretty decent freedom to drive on roads. And a large percentage of them will die because it is one of the most dangerous things we do all the time. Now we even get sold little devices and apps that make it even easier to end your time on Earth and take others with you. Even if we lost a few airplanes a year, flying would still be safer than driving. But the cost to corporations and the power hungry would be higher.

I missed out on WWII, where can I stand in line now?

Just buy a ticket and join the fun. Once you're in line though, you can't leave. You can't change your mind or you may be detained, fined and arrested. You have to keep moving forward into the chamber no matter what may happen to you. You even get to pay higher prices to do so as ticket prices are going up again. Government expenditures are going up as well. Where are the voices about spending on this one? Oh that's right. Debt doesn't count when it is for wars, security, military, corporations, rich people, invasion of privacy, removing personal rights or anything that impacts ones own life. Debt only counts as a matter for protest and concern when someone tries to help the average citizen other then themselves.

Maybe the TSA could hire nightclub artists to feel everyone up. Dim the airports lights, put on some music and just do what some people pay for elsewhere. If they made it a tipping profession like a waitress, they could avoid minimum wage requirements and save money. Maybe even have a booth and charge a currency exchange rate on one dollar bills.

Survey says

The media is plastering the news with surveys that say people are fine with the new security measures. The problem is that the survey is asking people who don't fly, haven't flown recently or can't afford to fly in the first place. People sitting at home in their recliner with a IV of propaganda flowing into them as they wait for the phone to ring are not the proper people to ask.

It's not about security. It's not about freedom. That is so yesterday.

Adam | Nov 18, 2010 | Category: Air Travel

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