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Travel Is Light As Leaves Fall

Travel is lighter these days. I just finished a flight where no one sat in the entire row in front of me and only one person in the whole row behind. My row was empty besides myself. Two weeks ago, I had space beside on a couple of flights. I haven't seen that in almost ten years. Airlines have reduced the number of flights, which usually makes them more full. On time ratings are better right now due to fewer flights in the sky. My last few flights have been in a bit early as well. Even my New York arrival was 20 minutes early.

This morning, I actually walked up to airport security area and all the lines were waiting for me. I didn't wait for a single person. It was a somewhat early flight at 7:25 but I went out at the same time and day of the week earlier in the year and the line was fairly heavy. It may be a fluke but it was surprising.

So if you can travel, now is a even better time to take advantage of the market. Lower prices and easier travel. Who knows how long it will last.

Adam | Oct 3, 2009 | Category: Air Travel

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