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New York Gun Laws and Travel Guide

    If carrying, New York is a state that it's best to drive through without stopping. Keep moving through the state (reference the McClure-Volkmer Act to only stop for gas and emergencies) towards your final destination state. Your destination state must have acceptable laws for your stay. We make some generalities with our color map here for ease of use so you should always look up the current details of the laws. Handgun laws are where it usually varies the most. This is a controversial issue but which ever side you are on, it is better to have informed people out there. You can also download an easy to print new 2013 version with all states and details.

    AllStays Gun Law Map

    New York Gun Law Travel Guide Basics

    Friendly Law Icon Ownership: restricted

    Friendly Law Icon Consistency of laws: local laws differ

    Friendly Law Icon Self-defense: NO castle doctrine

    Friendly Law Icon Open carry: prohibited

    Friendly Law Icon Concealed carry: licenses on judgment, no other states permits accepted

    Friendly Law Icon Vehicle carry handguns: prohibited without a NY permit

    as-gre Vehicle carry long guns: unloaded in trunk or outside storage

    Official source information
    New York Statutes
    New York Legislature
    New York State Home Page

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Additional Note

    We work full time here but everything is subject to change in the wild. Especially in the new economy of frequent closures. We do apologize but we're not responsible for inaccurate information or any problems it may cause. Always use your best judgement in planning camping related trips. We're always stumbling upon good camps, bad camps, closed camps, flooded camps and so on. Always call ahead.

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