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Natural Food Stores
Indiana Stores Map

Natural Food Stores In Indiana


Abundant Life Health Foods, 5234 S State Road 67, Anderson IN

1-765-778-4551View MapNavigationStreetView


Back In Time Natural Foods, 7900 E US Hwy 36 Ste D, Avon IN

1-317 272 0726View MapNavigationStreetView


Bloomingfoods Market and Deli, 3220 E 3rd St just East of College Mall, Bloomington IN

1-812 336-5400View MapNavigationStreetView


Bloomingfoods Market and Deli, 419 E Kirkwood Ave in the alley behind Tracks, Bloomington IN

1-812-336-5300View MapNavigationStreetView


A Harvest Of Health Nutrition and Wellness Center, 915 N Main Street Ste 102, Bluffton IN

1-260 824 1600View MapNavigationStreetView


Whole Foods Market, 14598 Clay Terrace Blvd, Carmel IN

1-317-569-1517View MapNavigationStreetView


Adeles Naturally, 2704 Lincoln Ave, Evansville IN

1-812-471-3144View MapNavigationStreetView

Fort Wayne

Health Food Shoppe Of Ft. Wayne, 3515 N. Anthony Blvd., Fort Wayne IN

1-260 483-5211View MapNavigationStreetView

Fort Wayne

Three Rivers Co-op Natural Grocery, 1612 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne IN

1-260-424-8812View MapNavigationStreetView


Maple City Market, 314 S Main St, Goshen IN

1-574-534-2355View MapNavigationStreetView


Maple Cooperative, 314 South Main Street, Goshen IN

1-574-534-2355View MapNavigationStreetView


Down To Earth, 14678 State Rd 23, Granger IN

1-574 271 1497View MapNavigationStreetView


Georgetown Market, 4375 Georgetown Rd, Indianapolis IN

1-317-293-9525View MapNavigationStreetView


Good Earth Natural Foods, 6350 N. Guilford Ave., Indianapolis IN

1-317-253-3709View MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes Indianapolis, 2902 West 86th Street, Indianapolis IN

1-317-337-1880View MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes Indianapolis, 5473 East 82nd Street, Indianapolis IN

1-317-595-8950View MapNavigationStreetView


Whole Foods Market, 1300 E. 86th St. in Nora Plaza, Indianapolis IN

1-317-706-0900View MapNavigationStreetView

La Porte

Natural Life Health Food, 613 Michigan Ave, La Porte IN

1-574-362-6019View MapNavigationStreetView


Country Life Natural Foods Co-op, , Marion IN

1-765-668-7004View MapNavigationStreetView


Rose Quest Nutrition Ctr, 410 Lincoln Way E, Mishawaka IN

1-574-259-5653View MapNavigationStreetView

New Albany

Creekside Outpost Organic Caf�, 614 Hausfeldt Ln, New Albany IN

1-812-948-9118View MapNavigationStreetView


Head To Toe, 719 Treelane Dr, Newburgh IN

1-812-547-8308View MapNavigationStreetView


Paradise Organics, 2700 sr261, Newburgh IN

1-812-842-0820View MapNavigationStreetView


Clear Creek Food Co-op, 701 National Rd W, Richmond IN

1-765-983-1547View MapNavigationStreetView

Terre Haute

Health Quest Health Food Store and Wellness Center, 630 E. Davis Drive, Terre Haute IN

1-812-232-6261View MapNavigationStreetView


Creations Remedy, 1501 E State Rd 124, Wabash IN

1-765-662-1028View MapNavigationStreetView


Nilssons Natural Grocery, 934 North Detroit Street, Warsaw IN

1-574-268-9922View MapNavigationStreetView

Health Food Stores Map

Map of Indiana is based on Google Maps but accuracy is not guaranteed. Please report if this place is mapped wrong.

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AllStays lists hundreds of brands for various things you might need on the road, from fast food to shopping and fuel. After years of frustration and surprises while RVing, we saw the need for quick information. Find all the information online here, in mobile apps or PDF downloads.

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Why list store locations?

We do not endorse or support any particular food store but we love most of them any way. Many times when we travel, we look up the destination areas for good food stores. Why eat poorly when you can eat the best. Where can we re-stock on our favorite snacks or ogranic produce for the road? Where are the Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and the Co-ops in the area? That takes a lot of time and visits to many websites. Did you know that Trader Joes , Whole Foods and Wild Oats are near the same intersection in Santa Fe, NM? You can see that here. Why not put them in one place with maps and satellite views? So thats what we did. We hope it helps you eat better while traveling.

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