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Natural Food Stores
Oregon Stores Map

Natural Food Stores In Oregon


Jeans Health and Happiness Str, 130 Ferry St SW, Albany OR

1-541-928-2213View MapNavigationStreetView


Ashland Food Co-op, 237 N First St., Ashland OR

1-541-482-2237View MapNavigationStreetView


Astoria Cooperative, 1389 Duane St, Astoria OR

1-503-325-0027View MapNavigationStreetView


Astoria Health Foods, 1255 Commercial St, Astoria OR

1-503-325-6688View MapNavigationStreetView

Baker City

Baker Food Coop, 2008 Broadway St, Baker City OR 97814

1-541-523-6281View MapNavigationStreetView


Mothers Natural Grocery, 975 2nd St SE, Bandon OR

1-541-347-4086View MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes Beaverton, 11753 S. W. Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Beaverton OR

1-503-626-3794View MapNavigationStreetView


Devores Good Food Store, 1124 NW Newport Ave, Bend OR

1-541-389-6588View MapNavigationStreetView


Natures General Store, 1950 NE 3rd St, Bend OR

1-541-382-6732View MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes Bend, 63455 North Highway 97, Bend OR

1-541-312-4198View MapNavigationStreetView


Whole Foods Market, 2610 NE Hwy 20, Bend OR

1-541-389-0151View MapNavigationStreetView


Brookings Natural Foods Co-op, 630 Fleet St P O Box 8051, Brookings OR

1-541-469-9551View MapNavigationStreetView


Simple Foods, 85 W Washington St, Burns OR

1-541-573-7872View MapNavigationStreetView


Promise Natural Foods And Bakery, 503 South Main Street, Canyonville OR

1-541-839-4167View MapNavigationStreetView

Cave Junction

New Life Natural Foods, 202 W Lister St, Cave Junction OR

1-541-592-3816View MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes Clackamas, 9345 SE 82nd Ave, Clackamas OR

1-503-771-6300View MapNavigationStreetView

Columbia City

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, 1615 6th St, Columbia City OR

1-541-759-3551View MapNavigationStreetView


First Alternative, 1007 SE 3rd St, Corvallis OR

1-541-753-3115View MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes Corvallis, 1550 NW 9th Street, Corvallis OR

1-541-753-0048View MapNavigationStreetView

Cottage Grove

Sunshine General Store, 824 W Main St, Cottage Grove OR

1-541-942-8836View MapNavigationStreetView


The Common Good Natural Food Market, 100 W Main St, Enterprise OR

1-541-426-4125View MapNavigationStreetView


Growers Market, 454 Willamette St, Eugene OR

1-541-687-1145View MapNavigationStreetView


Kiva, 125 W 11th Ave, Eugene OR

1-541-342-8666View MapNavigationStreetView


New Frontier Market, 1101 W 8th Ave, Eugene OR

1-541-345-7401View MapNavigationStreetView


Sundance Natural Foods, 748 E 24th Ave, Eugene OR

1-541-343-9142 storeView MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes Eugene, 85 Oakway Center, Eugene OR

1-541-485-1744View MapNavigationStreetView


Salmonberry Naturals, 812 Quince St, Florence OR

1-541-997-3345View MapNavigationStreetView

Gold Beach

Savory Natural Foods, 29441 Ellensburg Ave, Gold Beach OR

1-541-247-0297View MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes Hillsboro, 2285 NW 185th Ave, Hillsboro OR

1-503-645-8321View MapNavigationStreetView


Whole Foods Market, 19440 NW Cornell Rd, Hillsboro OR

1-503-645-9200View MapNavigationStreetView

Klamath Falls

Giglers Health Foods, 4230 S 6th St, Klamath Falls OR

1-541-884-9151View MapNavigationStreetView

Klamath Falls

Nightfire Natural Foods, 919 KLAMATH AVENUE, Klamath Falls OR

1-541-850-1100View MapNavigationStreetView

Lake Oswego

Trader Joes Lake Oswego, 15391 S. W. Bangy Road, Lake Oswego OR

1-503-639-3238View MapNavigationStreetView

Lincoln City

Trillium Natural Foods Grocery, 1026 SE Jetty Ave, Lincoln City OR

1-541-994-5665View MapNavigationStreetView


Mother Natures Natural Foods, 298 Laneda Ave PO Box 627, Manzanita OR

1-503-368-5316View MapNavigationStreetView


Pkwy Natural Foods, 1351 NE Hwy 99 W, McMinnville OR

1-503-472-8118View MapNavigationStreetView


Newberg Natural Foods, 308 W Sheridan St, Newberg OR

1-503-538-9311View MapNavigationStreetView


Oceana Natural Foods Cooperative, 159 SE 2nd St, Newport OR

1-541-265-8285View MapNavigationStreetView

North Bend

Coos Head Food Store, 1960 Sherman Ave, North Bend OR

1-541-756-7264View MapNavigationStreetView


Alberta Cooperative Grocery, 1500 NE Alberta Street, Portland OR

1-503-287-4333View MapNavigationStreetView


Food Front Cooperative, 2375 NW Thurman St, Portland OR

1-503-222-5658View MapNavigationStreetView


Peoples Food Store Co-op, 3029 SE 21st Ave, Portland OR

1-503-ORGANICView MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes N.w. Portland, 2122 N.W. Glisan, Portland OR

1-971-544-0788View MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes Portland, 4715 S. E. 39th Avenue, Portland OR

1-503-777-1601View MapNavigationStreetView


Trader Joes Portland Hollywood District, 4121 N.E. Halsey St, Portland OR

1-503-284-1694View MapNavigationStreetView


Whole Foods Market, 3535 NE 15th Ave., Portland OR

1-503-288-3414View MapNavigationStreetView


Whole Foods Market, 2825 East Burnside St., Portland OR

1-503-232-6601View MapNavigationStreetView


Whole Foods Market, 1210 NW Couch Street, Portland OR

1-503-525-4343View MapNavigationStreetView


Cornucopia Natural Foods, 111 NW 6th St, Redmond OR

1-541-548-5911View MapNavigationStreetView


New Day Quality Grocery, 210 SE Jackson St, Roseburg OR

1-541-672-0275View MapNavigationStreetView


Lifesource Natural Foods, 2649 COMMERCIAL ST SE, Salem OR

1-503-361-7973View MapNavigationStreetView


Natures Nook, 4830 River Rd N, Salem OR

1-503-390-4177View MapNavigationStreetView


Seaside Health Foods, 144 N Roosevelt Dr, Seaside OR

1-503-738-3088View MapNavigationStreetView


Whole Foods Market, 7380 SW Bridgeport Road, Tigard OR

1-503-639-6500View MapNavigationStreetView


Health 101-Pet Project, 185 NW Highway 101, Waldport OR

1-541-563-6101View MapNavigationStreetView

Health Food Stores Map

Map of Oregon is based on Google Maps but accuracy is not guaranteed. Please report if this place is mapped wrong.

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AllStays lists hundreds of brands for various things you might need on the road, from fast food to shopping and fuel. After years of frustration and surprises while RVing, we saw the need for quick information. Find all the information online here, in mobile apps or PDF downloads.

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Why list store locations?

We do not endorse or support any particular food store but we love most of them any way. Many times when we travel, we look up the destination areas for good food stores. Why eat poorly when you can eat the best. Where can we re-stock on our favorite snacks or ogranic produce for the road? Where are the Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and the Co-ops in the area? That takes a lot of time and visits to many websites. Did you know that Trader Joes , Whole Foods and Wild Oats are near the same intersection in Santa Fe, NM? You can see that here. Why not put them in one place with maps and satellite views? So thats what we did. We hope it helps you eat better while traveling.

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